Microbiology and chemical analyses

Microbiology and chemical analyses SOCOTEC Italia

SOCOTEC Italia performs specific analysis in the following sectors:


The Environment division carries out specific analysis to identify the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the water according to its use.

  • Drinking water
  • Shallow waters
  • Underground Waters
  • Waste water

Our laboratory is able to perform chemical analysis on water for the determination of contaminants and residues, including heavy metals, PCBs, microbiological and specific analysis to detect Legionella..

We perform sampling and field tests on streams, rivers, lakes, sea water and piezometer control.


Through our specialized technicians we perform sampling and analysis of soils and sediments, in particular we offer the following activities:

  • Earth and rock excavation analysis
  • Sediment analysis
  • Analysis on contaminated soils
  • Analysis of samples from surveys
  • Analysis on samples from trenches and excavation bottom

Our laboratory is able to perform chemical analysis of organic and inorganic compounds including heavy metals (such as Cadmium, Chromium, Zinc, Lead, Nickel, Copper, etc.), Btex, IPA, PCB, Pesticides and much more. Furthermore, thanks to the thirty-year experience of our technicians working in the geotechnical sector, we are also able to carry out all the mechanical analyzes.

Interstitial air analysis

SOCOTEC Italia has developed a special technique to investigate the subsoil which allows to ascertain the presence of volatile organic substances in the subsoil due to leaks from underground tanks or accidental spills. With a mobile system (FID gas chromatograph for T.O.C.) we establish the presence of substances with significant vapour pressure in the field; once the contaminated area is located, we take with a suitable instrument a sample of interstitial air on which, in the laboratory, we carry out the analysis to establish the nature of the volatile substance. The adoption of this investigation technique is now used in current use and is requested by the Control Bodies whenever the subject area contains underground (or in any case used) stocks of organic solvents.


Through our specialized technicians we ensure rapid sampling activities both in construction site areas and in the company by offering the following analysis services:

  • Waste characterization
  • Classification and hazard class
  • Recovery or disposal analysis
  • Asbestos research

For a correct waste management, both for their recovery and for their final disposal, the analysis represents a fundamental activity through which SOCOTEC Italia meets all customers’ needs; in particular we carry out representative sampling and analysis to ascertain the composition and the consequent attribution of danger or to establish the final destination of the waste based on the disposal tests.

In addition to analysis services, we also provide assistance to companies for the correct compilation of identification forms, loading and unloading registers, a single declaration form and, where necessary, for communications and disposal authorizations.


In the field of chemical, microbiological and product evaluation SOCOTEC Italia boasts a long collaboration with many companies in the sector and it is the Ministry of Health's authorization to carry out self-control activities for companies as provided for by the EEC Directives in the productive sectors:

  • milk and milk derivatives EEC Directive 92/46
  • minced meat DPR 1/3/92
  • live bivalve molluscs Legislative Decree 530/92
  • fishing products pursuant to Legislative Decree 531/92
  • meat products D.Lgs. 537/92
  • egg products Legislative Decree 65/93
  • fresh meat EEC Directive 91/497
  • poultry meat EEC Directive 92/116

Moreover, we provide analysis services for research and dosage of food contaminants such as pesticide residues, extraction solvents, toxic heavy metals and PCBs.

We monitor the hygiene of production environments and machinery through spot checks or planned ones over time, with particular regard to collective catering centres, employing cutting-edge control technologies.


Safety data sheets for substances and preparations

We provide technical advice for the identification of the chemical-physical and toxicological characteristics for a correct labelling of the product placed on the market, according to what is defined by the Law 256/74 and the subsequent integrative and modifying rules that oblige the producer or importer to affix labels on their own products with all the information needed to protect the health and safety of the consumer.

In this context, SOCOTEC Italia also deals with the preparation of safety data sheets for products and preparations that the manufacturer must provide to users. To carry out this fundamental service to companies, we have a well-equipped and updated chemical-toxicological library in addition to the connection with the most important global databases; in this way we are able to offer a search service for toxicological data quickly and always up to date with the most recent experiences from leading national and foreign research institutes.


SOCOTEC Italia SOCOTEC Italia accompanies the manufacturer and the importer in the numerous chemical checks aimed at ascertaining the safety and hygiene requirements as required by Legislative Decree 313/91.


We have a long experience in the field of chemical and microbiological control of cosmetics products. In particular we provide controls on the content of toxic heavy metals on raw materials, research and dosage of preservatives and additives, transfer tests on containers, dyes, etc. Furthermore, a specific control of the hygienic conditions of the places of production is carried out in order to ascertain all situations of bacterial contamination due to poor cleaning of the premises, of the production equipment, to the bacterial charge of the air present in the production premises.