Offshore services

Offshore services page SOCOTEC Italia

With the use of highly advanced technologies SOCOTEC Italia performs services and consultancy in the marine field to support the design, dealing in particular with the geophysical, geotechnical and environmental aspects related to coastal and offshore activities.


Thanks to the modern technologies in the field of geophysical surveys it is possible to reach precise and increasingly detailed information on the characteristics of the seabed and the sea substrate. SOCOTEC Italia is equipped with suitable instruments and equipment to carry out surveys on shallow, deep and very deep waters. Through the use of acoustic systems SOCOTEC Italia operates the following geophysical surveys in the sea:

  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Morphological surveys
  • Magnetometric surveys
  • Archaeological surveys


SOCOTEC Italia provides solutions to offer positioning services with new technologies with highly-qualified personnel. To perform the positioning services, it uses a wide range of communication programs that include the following activities:

Inshore "construction" operations:

  • Positioning boats, pontoons and tugs
  • Positioning during surveys
  • Support during core drilling
  • Civil and industrial installations
  • Positioning of tripods and reefs
  • Positioning during dredging activities
  • Submarine platforms and installations
  • Support during laying of cables and submerged pipes

Offshore construction operations:

  • Support in the laying of pipelines and monitoring during the positioning phase on the seabed
  • Positioning of boats and tugs
  • Underwater acoustic positioning


SOCOTEC Italia studies the interaction between the terrestrial and marine ecosystems. The aims that characterize environmental research are different: protection of the coasts, nourishment of sandy coasts, control of water and sediment pollution, protection of wildlife, management of intake and discharge systems at sea by civil and industrial networks.

To do this, innovative systems have been developed such as:

  • GravityCore RL 100 / 200
  • VibraCore TM 02/0
  • Benna Van Veen
  • BoxCorer
  • Cone Penetration Test

For chemical-physical monitoring, equipment is installed for the automatic sampling and continuous analysis of some parameters (pH, temperature, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll) with the use of multi-parameter probes, stream- flow measurements and water sampling and analysis


Assistance in positioning trenching machines and laying cables or pipes


La SOCOTEC Italia, using RW wire-guided vehicles, performs visual inspections of platforms and / or pipelines for maintenance operations as well as searches for targets. In the case of buried pipelines to the ROV vehicle, a pipetracker system is added to identify the target through impulsive inductions that allow accurate data on each type of cable or pipeline whatever their diameter is. The processing of the data acquired by the pipetracker system is performed with a software, suitably developed by SOCOTEC Italia, able to determine with high precision the spatial position of the object under examination.