Testing page SOCOTEC Italia

SOCOTEC Italia has 35 laboratories, 10 of which are fixed and 25 are mobile, spread over 5 locations throughout Italy. The laboratories of the branches of Milan, Ferrara and Avellino are authorized by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport according to the Ministerial Circulars 7617 / STC (Laboratory tests on building materials) and 7618 / STC (Laboratory tests on lands and rocks).

SOCOTEC Italia accompanies designers and all professional technicians towards the knowledge of physical-mechanical and chemical parameters on lands, rocks and building materials through numerous laboratory tests. From these tests it is possible to obtain useful data for the design of foundation-elevations and on the materials to be used for the construction of different types of infrastructures.

The SOCOTEC Italia laboratories are the following:

  • Construction material testing laboratory
  • Laboratory for tests on soils and rocks
  • Tests laboratory on bituminous conglomerates
  • Metallurgical laboratory
  • Technological laboratory

Laboratory tests are carried out on the following materials:

  • Physical, mechanical and chemical analysis on soils and rocks, aggregates and bentonite mixtures
  • Physical, mechanical and chemical analysis on concretes, mortars, cements, bricks, steels and alloys
  • Analysis of construction products in compliance with the harmonized standards for CE marking of products.
  • Physical, mechanical and chemical analysis on bituminous conglomerates, bitumen, bituminous membranes
  • Physical, mechanical and chemical analysis on resins, paints, materials for the protection and restoration of concrete or other supports, geotextiles, bentonite sheets or HDPE.