Georadar GPR Stream D

SOCOTEC Italia's new GRP (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a massive array born from our experience on infrastructures and from the collaboration with IDS Georadar. Following the needs of our customers, it was necessary to develop a product that had high diagnostic capabilities and was quickly used to minimize the impact on the infrastructure in operation.

Thus was born the STREAM D, a radar capable of generating real images of the structures investigated thanks to the provision of 34 antennas with a frequency of 1GHz and the innovative use of special laser distance meters that allows you to record the distance and inclination of the antenna array with respect to the investigated surface; this, combined with the ability to work up to 20 cm away, allows for rapid relief, ensuring, in any case, a high quality of the files are not affected by oscillations or vibrations

GPR Stream D allow, with high precision and velocity, to map:

  • the concrete thicknesses and bituminous conglomerate
  • the rebar
  • corroded areas
  • concrete cover deterioration
  • delamination

DETAIL - Stream D provides very high details and it is also characterized by an excellent penetration capacity; the type V antennas inside, with a dedicated electric power supply, allow, with the same frequency, a greater penetration than the old standards.

PRECISION - Stream D system is equipped with a series of laser sensors that, at any time, define the position, distance and inclination of the antenna array with respect to the investigated structure; the result is an effective, precise and easily usable 3D map.

PRODUCTIVITY - The type V antennas allow GPR to work even at a certain distance from the structure, assisted by sensors that constantly monitor the positioning; for this reason, the survey, especially in complex environment such as on the beam side, can be much faster since the operator could not monitor distance of the antenna array from the surface.

USED SOFTWARE - The supplied software, versatile and speed, allows direct data management and normalization, obtaining high quality data also in case of vibrations and strong oscillations in the acquisition phase (eg. survey with by-bridge). The processed and normalized data are optimal to measure the concrete degradation and the reinforcements and prestressed cables corrosion.


Total weight based on the configuration from 75 kg to 95 kg
Maximum acquisition velocity 10 km/h
Radar power consumption 55 W
Placement magnetic encoder and/or integrated laser
dGPS and/or total station
4 laser disto for defining the inclination and distance from the surface
Operation up to 20 cm away from the investigated surface
Radar power supply SLA battery 12VDC 24 Ah
Degree of protection IP65
Antenna total size 120 x 57 cm
Number of channels 34 VV
Antennas frequency 1 GHz
Antennas polarization VV
Scan width 96 cm
Certification EC, FCC, IC