With offices in 25 countries and 7,800 employees, the SOCOTEC Group provides services to improve the performance of businesses and local authorities through risk management. It provides assistance to customers all over the world and during the life cycles of their projects, in the areas of quality, health, safety and the environment..

By acting as an independent third-party entity, we identify, evaluate and prevent risks. Our mission is to support our customers - companies in every sector - in the areas of quality, health, safety and the environment.

The SOCOTEC Group provides services in four main areas: Inspection and Measurement, Assistance and Consulting, Certification, Training - which cover a wide range of skills. We assist companies of all types and sizes: Construction and Real Estate Services, Industry and Energy, Infrastructures, Local Authorities, Services, Healthcare and Retail, etc. By managing risks and optimizing performance, we give a long-term view of future needs, thus contributing together to create a safer world.

For further information: www.socotec.com

Key figures

  • € 700 million of consolidated revenues
  • 7.800 employees
  • Locations in 25 countries
  • 200.000 customers